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Pendulum - Maidenfalls EU
WELCOME to <PENDULUM> Maidenfalls EU
Guild News

Deepstrike Mines Expert clear!!!

joeymcfool, May 4, 11 7:34 PM.
After a gruelling six hour session, Lyrath, Tsunami, Jozel, Juaganita and Sintheria downed Plutonus in Deepstrike.  Pendulum have now downed all 5 man expert dungeons.  We got some sweet loot from the run.  And Tier 1s will now move to farm status so we can get people geared.

Great job tonight guys, nice run

Happy Rifting


Pendulum Recruiting

joeymcfool, May 4, 11 9:16 AM.
Pendulum are still recruiting!

Welcome to our site.  We are still actively recruiting new members alongside the population increase on our shard.  We are recruiting players of all levels who wish to play as part of one the largest communities on the shard.  We are a social guild focused primarily on end game PVE content (Instances & Rifts/Invasions), although we have a wide array of players within the guild, who take part in all aspects of the game, including some budding PVPers as well. 

We are keen to get our raid squad going and if you are level 50 or closing on the cap, and keen to progress through the end game content available to us within Rift, then please apply on the forums as a new topic within the public section.

I wish you all the best of luck in Telara, and good luck to the new applicants

Happy Rifting


Progress so far!!!

joeymcfool, May 3, 11 6:07 PM.
Right so far we are clear of all expert dungeons except Deepstrike Mines, which we haven't attempted yet, and are hoping to get cleared one night this week.  Once that is done we will proceed with Tier 1 farming to gear everybody up ready to raid.

Attention new applicants

Rikity, Mar 27, 11 5:50 PM.
Head on over to the forum to make yourself known and to apply!


Welcome to Pendulum!

Rikity, Mar 16, 11 1:38 PM.
I humbley welcome you all to Pendulum's official website.

If you've managed to find yourself here, I'm sure you're aware that we are a guild on Rift's "Maidenfalls" Shard, on the Defiant side.

Make yourself at home, visit the forum, register and I'll do my best to accept you quickly.


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